Galileo Was Wrong: The Book


Geocentrism, the belief that the Earth floats at a fixed point in the universe while the cosmos rotates around it, is still alive in 2016. Based on quotes from the Bible, and backed up with a PhD in religious studies from an unaccredited university, Robert Sungenis presents a “scientific” argument for geocentrism. If you think about it, though, a “Multimedia CD-ROM” is the perfect venue for this argument, being a format that went out of vogue eons ago.

If you want to wade further into this dude’s orbit of lunacy, I suggest reading his breathless third-person description of his own book Geocentrism 101, where he compares it to Reader’s Digest and describes it as “hot off the presses.”

Should you want a second opinion, Jack A. Mooreman presents “The Biblical And Observational Case for Geocentricity,” an equally-scientific book from more or less the same point of view.

What Is The Temperature Of Your Shower?


A showerhead that displays the temperature of its water would be a great idea if you had no other way of measuring the water temperature in your shower. Fortunately, most of us have figured out how to stick our hands into the shower before getting in by the time we get to showerhead-purchasing age. It doesn’t help that, according to the reviews, it also emits a loud screeching noise the entire time you’re taking a shower.

Drink Your Flashbang


In an apparent attempt to create the least-tasteful drinking accessory of all time, the Flashbang Flask both clips to your belt, and is in the shape of a law-enforcement device used in “no-knock” raids to stun, incapacitate, and sometimes kill children and pets. Or, as they would put it, “…your on your way to Tactical Drinking.” [sic]

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